Welcome to Seward County Nebraska, home of America’s official “4th of July Small Town U.S.A.” celebration! We are enthusiastic about this area, and we encourage you to experience the “Spirit of Seward County.”

Through a tremendous amount of commitment and cooperation, Seward County enjoys quality education systems, up-to-date medical servies, and great programs for both youth and senior citizens. With Interstate 80 running east and west and Highway 15 going north and south, it makes Seward County easily accessible from any direction. It is a pleasure to browse the little shops in all of the communities found in Seward County offering a wide variety of goods and services.

Map of Nebraska with Seward County highlighted

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Seward County includes the communities of Beaver Crossing, Bee, Cordova, Garland, Goehner, Milford, Pleasant Dale, Seward, Staplehurst, Tamora and Utica.

Take a look at www.gosewardco.com for an interactive map where you can explore the different towns in Seward County!

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